Why Turning Over a New Leaf is Stupid (aka Why I’m Doing It For the Last Time, I Swear)

I’m sort of addicted to “turning over new leaf’s.” When I was younger, I dreamed of being able to move away and have a fresh start…over and over and over. I never exactly was up to anything bad or particularly worthy of a new life, but I enjoyed the idea of recreating myself. After a few turbulent middle school years, I realized that I could do this recreation with acting and writing instead of other, less-suitable-for-a-decent-life endeavors. Then, once I was content with everything in my life, I got the idea that it would be brilliant to uproot my entire existence and move to Boston to go to college. I finally had a chance at what small-town me wanted: turning over a new leaf in a new city. You could have made a Lifetime movie out of it.

And, promptly, I was an idiot and just stayed the way I was. Well, I guess not that big of an idiot.

Anyway, I suppose what I’m trying to get at here is that I don’t really like the idea of complete and total change in a person. I don’t think anyone just wakes up one morning and decides that they’re going to be different. It takes a lot of time and commitment and other adult-y words that give me hives. So I don’t want this new-blog thing to turn into a new-leaf thing. I’ve done blogs before and they’ve all miserably failed. Why? Because I put too much pressure on myself to have them be amazing and incredible and something that really, I can’t achieve overnight.

Okay, so: this blog will be a lot of things. It’ll have a lot of words from me on it, either that I spoke at some point to my best friend in a really dirty Red Robin or that I thought up while hiding under my blanket listening to Enema of the State on repeat. The words may be about my life, or someone else’s life, or fashion, or my favorite television show, or how to do something, or music, or my least favorite television show, or any other subject that may tickle my fancy any particular morning. I can guarantee every entry will have a really long title and it will probably include a lot of snarky comments from yours truly, regardless of content.

Oh, and sometimes I take pictures.

Happy reading.