Being Girly Isn't Punk Rock Part One: The Tank Top

So when I saw Late Nite Reading at the Rave last year, they were completely out of small’s (my preferred size for men’s shirts) and I had to grab a medium or be trampled by fangirls. And it’s…okay. Basically my face in this picture says it all. It fits, but not real well, and isn’t something I’ve really worn outside of working out and sleeping. I wanted to make it a little more feminine and turn it into something I could wear during the heat of summer. So I tank-topped it. Using this post as a start, I went to work. I didn’t exactly want it to look like those finished tanks – a little too ribbon-y for my taste.

So I grabbed my favorite man-tank and used it as an initial template, cutting out the sleeves and dipping the neckline a little. Then I tried it on and it fit…better. But it was still pretty loose and I wasn’t really happy with how long it fell on my frame. So I cut a strip off the bottom and used it to tie up the straps at the top for the finished look.

Now, it’s a fitted tank from the front (though still provides the band logo, the most important part) and has a sweet cut-out back with a bow. The best part is that I can probably wear it with anything – jeans, shorts, maybe a skirt if I get daring.

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