Adventures with Henry: Hello Boston!

There’s nothing like a new backpack. I loved buying school supplies as a kid (hell, even now…) but there was something about selecting a fresh carrier for all your pens, folders, and books that made it the most important choice of all. So when I had to choose a backpack to lug around Europe for three months, it was a decision I spent months on.

And I chose Henry. He’s light, spacious, and best of all: he’s bright yellow. Henry will follow me around with all the craziness that will ensure until December, but our first stop was Boston.

I’m lucky enough to be an Orientation Leader, meaning I get to be at school a whole two weeks before anyone else, and almost a month before I’ll get on a plane to Europe. So I equipped Henry with a lot of crazy costumes, water bottles, and clean underwear before making it to one of my favorite cities in the world.

Boston’s just the perfect place for a college student. You have the classy feeling of Beacon Hill, the chill-out vibe from the Common, the toitiness of Cambridge, the crazy party scene in Allston, and all the other neighborhoods that make this city home. I wish there was more I could say. Maybe in images? Squeezing into TT the Bears Place in Central Square to see Every Avenue even though I was in the throes of finals. Getting lost in Chinatown my first week and starting to panic when I walked three blocks in every direction and couldn’t find anything in English. Walking down Newbury on the first day of spring. Missing the last T home and turning around only to get a wall of water splashed on me by a cab.

Moving halfway across the country to get settled in one of the biggest cities in the world was a change to say the least. But now, nowhere else feels quite like home.

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