Being Girly Isn't Punk Rock Part Three: The Skirt

Ah, the dreaded Boner shirt. I love it, but I’m not sure it truly loves me. It’s comfy as hell, but not necessarily the best to wear on a night out with the girls. Thus, I introduce one of the best skirts I’ve ever come across. Most people say to find a little black dress; I say, find a little black skirt. It’s from Francesca’s and is just a simple a-line with pockets. I had never thought to pair it with a band shirt. Why, I have no idea.

And here it is! Defines a waist, shows off my legs, and lets the Boner shirt take center stage. Berk parties, bring it on.

I hope I've helped out the band-shirt-obsessed among us. It's rough work repping bands and keeping up with the trends, but I feel like I'm up for the job. Did I miss any tips or tricks? Let me know in a comment. In the meantime, rock those boner shirts and well, rock on!

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