Being Girly Isn't Punk Rock Part Two: The Blazer

A love letter to blazers is in the works, so I’ll try not to go overboard. Plus, this is the simplest fix for a general shirt that you just want to look a little more put-together. I used this trick all the time fall semester for days that were a tad chilly but didn’t illicit a hoodie.

First, obviously, buy a blazer. The one I’m wearing in the pictures is from Wet Seal, and I love it. I recommend buying cheap your first time, so you can try the style out before investing in something that could be 50+ dollars. I also got one that’s a cotton/poly blend, so it’s pretty hardy and I can roll it up in my suitcase for a weekend without much wrinkling. Make sure it fits in the shoulders and you can button it. Apart from that, go nuts.

Next…wear it! That easy. Just pair it with any band shirt and before you know it, you look casually chic. I especially like wearing it with shirts that might have a bit of an offensive back or have a big picture sprawled across it – sometimes just the logo looks better. Here I’m wearing it with one of my favorite tanks – Jac Vanek’s We Are The Kids Your Parents Warned You About.

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