Short Stack #1: Sometimes, You Just Have to Buy a Cow Suit.

Sometimes you sit in front of your computer at three in the morning and you realize something in your life is missing. And you realize, this something – it’s a cow suit. You want one. You need one. It’s necessary: for Halloween, for slumber parties, for dressing up as you move in unsuspecting freshman. It needs to be oversized, made out of fleece, and comfy as all hell.

And it only takes twenty two minutes of frantic searching. One website. An investment you’re willing to make. A credit card. Bought.

Then, the worst part: the waiting. The shipping notifications. The realization that they have sent your dear, dear cow suit to the billing address instead of the place you currently reside. Another four days of waiting. And then – you’re home. And the box is there on the counter.

It is yours. And it is so, so good.

You have a hood, a tail, and a realization that sometimes, you can be the strangest person you know.

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