This is What I Do When I Miss My Closet: Five Wardrobe Necessities

1. American Eagle dark wash skinny jeans. These are me bringing new meaning to necessities – I wear these babies more than sweatpants…and that’s saying something. I choose AmEagle over any other brand because of two things: stretch and wearability. As far as stretch, they’re a little tight in the morning, perfect at lunch, and just loose enough at dinner to lounge around. On top of that, they’re durable little suckers that hardly rip and will maneuver every which way. And for planes, you can find nothing better to wear. Just make sure you get them in the darker wash so they’re universally flattering.

2. Band t-shirt (preferably bought off the merch booth).

Comfy, a bit baggy, and 100% cotton is the way to go here. I already did a series about how you can make band shirts a little more female-figure-flattering, but sometimes the best way to jam out is with a pair of boxers on the couch. I prefer the designs that are bold and usually word-based. However, whatever calls out to you will work. And I say bought off the merch booth since you usually get the best memories – my opinion is that the merch guy makes the band, and you can judge all of their personalities by his.

3. Zumiez hoodie.

I get them in solid colors, but occasionally they sell them in prints. These puppies are warm without being sweltering in the summertime, have thick hood ties, and the sturdiest zippers I’ve ever seen (yes, I take my hoodie-wearing this seriously). Pockets are roomy, cuffs are perfect for chewing, and the bottom is elasticized just enough so you get form without ride-up. In short, they rule. I wear them with the hood half-up to keep my neck warm but still show off my hair spikes. Rock on.

4. Funky printed dress.

Sadly, I had to leave all mine at home when I left for Amsterdam, but I still love drooling over pictures on Modcloth and Madewell for the latest digs. Anything bright is perfect, but I’m beginning to put up with neutrals for my sanity’s sake. My personal favorite is my yellow dress covered in a black bird print – cute for any occasion, but mostly just to wear around the house. Throw on a cardigan and tights and you’re all set for a day of adventuring.

5. Really Beat Up Flats

I don’t know really why it is, but I seem to wear out shoes faster than any other person on the planet. It honestly doesn’t even matter what brand. Converse were my original favorite, but then ballet flats came into the picture, followed by Vans…what really comes into play is the fact that they need to be worn down to their soles. Mud rubbed into the toes, the heel sticker peeling off…it’s not until they look like they need to be thrown away that they really become mine.