TUNESday #1: Memories and Battlescars - New Found Glory

Memories and Battle Scars - New Found Glory

New ongoing series for the blog: TUNESday, when I share whatever's been stuck in my head lately. I love music and have been trying to hone my music writing, but sometimes it can get old posting the same old reviews and analysis. I mean, sometimes I just want to share what I've been listening to!

Anyway, I've been meaning to download the latest New Found Glory album since Warped Tour and finally got around to it. It's a lot poppier than their older stuff (as per usual in the pop punk scene) but it makes for good dance music and something to jam out to in the shower. This particular song just constantly sticks in my head and I find myself singing the chorus (however creepy) all the time. Other picks are Radiosurgery, I'm Not the One, and Summer Fling Don't Mean a Thing.

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