I Know I'm in Paris, But I Just Want to Order One Thing Online: A Brief Wishlist of the Things I Need in Europe But Can't Find to Save My Life

Flannel shirt.

Okay, I fell in love with my roommate Holland’s grey flannel shirt after borrowing it for a theme night a few weeks ago and have since vowed to find an exact replica somewhere on the internet. I have a beaten up blue one (coincidentally also bought to fit a theme party) but it doesn’t fit well and that’s the basic requirement of a flannel shirt. Thus, I will wander the interwebs until I find one that calls the right amount of "slouchy yet chic." [shirt via Madewell.]

Oversized clutch.

I have no idea where I developed an obsession over giant, neon, impractical handbags, but now it’s here to stay. I know if I buy one I will never use it, but I just WANT ONE. Is that too much to ask? [bag via Modcloth.]

Printed skirt.

I own a lot of printed skirts – mostly printed skirts…did I mention I have an issue with neutrals? – but there’s nothing quite like this one. Vanilla and Lace is one of my favorite independent shops and I would love to buy their entire stock but neither my wallet nor my closet agrees. I’ll see if I can swing this triangle piece, but hopes aren’t high. [skirt via Vanilla & Lace.]

Another blazer.

I have already raved about blazers in this post but I’m itching for another, preferably one that’s a little more fitted and formal. I know this means Gap – meaning another trip to the outlet store – but I’m always reluctant to buy things, let alone expensive things. I’ll work up to it. [blazer via Zara.]

Knee high boots.

I basically made this entire post to scream for help finding a good, sturdy pair of boots. I've already worn my beloved Blowfish booties to death, so I need to start looking for a good pair come Boston-winter. I want them to be calf-length or higher, black, and with buckles. Seems easy, right? Wrong. I’m me, meaning that I overthink absolutely every purchase I have made or could possibly make in the future. Thus, it suddenly becomes two in the morning and I’m searching for boots. I will find my perfect pair someday (hah…get it?). [boots via Forever 21.]