Oh, the Original is So Much Better...NOT: Best Pop Punk Covers

Lollipop - Framing Hanley

This also counts as one of the most awkward music videos of all time, but that’s for another post. I love Framing Hanley – usually to listen to angstily (is that a word?) when I’m feeling upset – but it’s hilarious to watch them cover something like Lil’ Wayne. Just listen to the lyrics and I think you’ll get what I mean…

Bulletproof - Family Force 5

My brother fell in love with La Roux last summer (or was it the summer before?) and then when this cover came out on Punk Goes Pop, I snatched it right up! Eventually there will come a post about my immense (borderline scary) love for Family Force 5, but they nailed this song and I soon find myself supplementing it for the original on playlists…whoops!

Mr Brightside - Playradioplay!

Playradioplay! has since taken a change for the worse, but this was on one of his first releases and is still a favorite. Not exactly sure what techno/electronic genre you would pop him into, but it works with his vocals and redoing the perfect Killers jam.

Mean - Artist VS Poet

I’m not sure if the dear BJay reads this blog, but he might kill me for saying I prefer AVP’s version of Mean to the original by the ever talented TSwizz (she will get her own post in due time, I’m sure). It’s not just the clever last-verse lyric change or minimalist band background…it’s the fact that they have been covering pop covers for the better part of the last year and still manage to do them pretty well. Good job boys, good job.

Lego House - The Cab

This I saw live so forgive the poor video quality (there isn’t a studio recording that I’m aware of…also this is not my video). The Cab have really grown up since Whisper War and I feel like covering Ed Sheeran shows that in the subtlest of ways. Alex Deleon is known for being spot-on during shows and when I saw them it was no exception. I also love how they’ve taken out almost all of their reliance on tracks during performances, meaning they have everything from a piano to a keytar to a cello onstage. And frankly, they rock it right. If that’s actually a sentence.