I Think I Look Nice Today: Love for Primark and Hate for Spilled Chocolate Milk

Whew it's been a while since I took outfit photos and posted them to strangers on the internet. But anyway.

Let me tell you two stories: one of love and one of hate.

The first is about Primark, a British store where everything is like...cheap. Not like, cheap for England. Like, CHEAP cheap. And then, as if this couldn't get better, sometimes your purchases, such as a dress that was supposed to be seventeen pounds, are rung up as, say, five pounds. (There are a lot of commas in that sentence because you're supposed to have dramatic pauses about how incredible this is.) Regardless, let's just say it was a good thing that my debit card wasn't working, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to pack my suitcase.

Now, for the dark times. Come Monday, I decided it was a good idea to wear my new wares. And tragedy struck - in the form of me being a klutz. I spilled an entire jug of fruit juice as well as my cup of chocolate milk, splattering all over my dress. Thus, the cardigan. I keep telling myself I'd have been cold anyway. We'll see.

[all photos by the lovely Annie...]

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