Short Stack #3: Sometimes...Tuesdays.

My class schedule is, in a few words, messed the [expletive] up. I have ten am's every day, tons of awkward breaks in between, and don't end until 4.15 on Thursdays (this is late for Castle-people, okay!?). Anyway, I could complain a lot about my classes and the way they're laid out, but the one thing that I have to say is perfect: Tuesday. My Tuesdays are only one 10am class, followed by...nothing. No class, no requirements, just sweet, sweet free time - that I should be using to do homework.

But I'm not. So.

Anyway, Tuesdays are something I usually use to get work done, but occasionally, I take a Tuesday off. The work will get done between my three classes on Wednesday. I'll somehow manage to finish both the book due for Lit as well as my text for Art History. The portfolio for Evolution will get done. It'll happen.

But for now, I'll spend my Tuesday listening to pop punk from 1999 and contemplate finally eating the last of my peanut butter. Straight from the jar. With the delicate little spoon they give us to deter stealing from the dining hall dungeon.

Yeah, man...Tuesdays. They're alright.