A Playlist Made by Just Typing "Home" Into Spotify: A Few Thoughts About Being Back and Forth


[you can click on the picture for the playlist.]

I've been home for about twelve hours.

This is after two plane rides, a bus ride, a car ride, and a six hour layover. Not in that order.

I'm not fully conscious, at least not yet. Despite my glorious night of uninterrupted sleep in my own bed.

This is to say, I'm not quite ready for the questions.

Do you feel different?

Did it change you? How?

What was your favorite city? Food? Experience?

I love questions. I'd love to answer them. But until I get a few days or weeks of space, I can't give you an accurate response. Two days ago, I was in my castle, packing up the last of my life there. Forty eight hours isn't exactly enough to scale a change.

So, what I'm really saying: give me a bit of time. I'm so excited to puke all of my feelings (good, bad, occasionally ugly) onto this blog, but it'll take me a bit. Until then, I'll have weird posts about me reconnecting with friends, stories from countries that I've written up and saved, more pictures, and other things I haven't even thought of yet.

The deep, introspective, all-about-Europe post will show up eventually. For now: hi there America. I'm here to stay...at least for a bit.

[Want to hear about the cities I've visited? Check out Adventures with Henry. Want to hear about the castle I lived in? Try Well, It's Kind of a Funny Story.]

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