Watching: A lot of sports and food network - the two things I could never seem to get at the castle. There's nothing I love more than being parked in front of the fire, watching hockey or football or baseball reruns. Yes, I do watch sports reruns. (Those "classic" games that they re-show at ten am on a Monday are priceless.)

Listening to: Vonnegutt's Falling Up the Stairs, The Wonder Year's The Upsides, and Matt Toka's EP. Occasional Christmas music.

Reading: The second in Steig Larsson's trilogy: The Girl Who Played with Fire. I'm on page 100 or so, and I really like it! It definitely starts with more of a bang than the first and I feel like it reads quicker as well. Only problem is, I can't read it before bed: gives me nightmares. Sign of a good thriller, I guess?
Making me happy: Coffee dates with friends from high school. Friends returning from college, elated about how far they've come and excited to explain all the things they've accomplished. BEING ABLE TO TEXT ONCE MORE. Finally getting back into running. My dad's big badger blanket. Having all my band shirts again. Christmas cookies.

Loving: COOKING. My mom and I never were exact chefs, but since I came home with a fury over the lack of things in our dining hall, she and I have united in the kitchen to churn out things that are both healthy and come with a kick. Last night was chicken gyros, with homemade tzatziki sauce. Jealous yet?


Thinking about: All the blog posts I've been dying to write. What I'm going to attempt to take on second semester, now that I have a more open schedule. Our upcoming family ski trip. How I'm going to possibly bake everything I want to in only two weeks.

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