Geez I Really Miss My Wardrobe: 8x8 Remix [Vintage Edition]

So, I'm dying over here. I love Europe, don't get me wrong: however, I miss my dresses. I miss my band t-shirts. But most of all, I miss having the energy to dress up everyday. I've lived in hoodies and jeans this entire time, and,'s comfy, but it's not satisfying. Home in two weeks, I know - I'll stop the whining here.

Anyway - so I was clothes-sick earlier this week and stumbled upon some old photos I took for a series on my old blog (no link because I'm too terribly ashamed). I got inspired by the Fashion Mixology posts over at A Beautiful Mess. Easy concept: take eight pieces of clothing - pants, dresses, shirts, blazers, skirts, etc etc - and remix them eight ways. Shoes, scarves, tights, necklaces, or any other accessories don't count. Otherwise it'd be boring.

Thus, I took on the challenge! It's definitely harder than it looks (and believe me, all of these outfits were calculated down to a T - I have really pathetically drawn sketches to prove it) but a really interesting exercise in how to rewear items of clothing. Before this, I had never thought to tuck up my dress and wear it only as a shirt! (Though don't give me credit, I totally stole that idea from someone else.)

I felt bad that these pictures never really got to see the light of day. Without further ado, here they all are, with credits and everything. Just don't judge my long hair, lip ring, or the fact I hadn't learned to smile in pictures yet.

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