MerchNow Roundup: What to Get Your Punker for Christmas

I have way too much band merch. I don't mean just t-shirts. I mean CDs, workout shorts, socks, necklaces, hoodies, sweatshirts (there is a difference), belts, gloves,'s a problem. And there's no sign of it stopping.

Either way, whenever I do dip into my self-loathing and decide to buy more pointless items emblazoned with my favorite bands, I usually turn to MerchNow. It's basically a website where you can shop cross-band, add everything into your cart and checkout using paypal. So, I'm game. Here's just a minor overview of what might make my wishlist this Christmas...


Apparently, twitter is in. All Time Low came out with a similar shirt for GK presales of Nothing Personal, but this wear from the Summer Set somehow manages to be even more self-depricating.


I've been wanting the new Handguns album for ages now, plus the cover art is sick.


Honestly, I don't even know why crewnecks appeal to me. I love hoodies way too much. But I guess there's an exception to be made for I Call Fives.


Since now I have so many t-shirts that I can barely close my closet, I love merch that you can show off in other ways - like a  Mayday Parade pillowcase, for example. Some pun about sweet dreams.


This is probably my favoritist (definitely a word) idea ever. You pay ten dollars. A record company sends you ten cds. You love cds. You save money. All good things.


Smart words on a t-shirt makes it awesome. Portion of proceeds going to charity makes it even more awesome. Buy here.


Apparently Go Radio instagrams a little too much. But hey, it makes an eye-popping (and, for once, unique) poster.

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