Okay, Let's Get SERIES-us Here: A Teaser of All The Things I Might Post When I'm Not Living in a Castle

Okay, I'll be real: As much as I love Adventures with Henry and Well, It's Kind of a Funny Story...it's time to go home. Not to say that Henry will go away forever - I'm sure I will take trips in the future, and he'll pop out occasionally. But for now, I'll say goodbye to them...and HELLO to a few other series I want to start up!


I already sort of started this here, but once I have my whole wardrobe back: OH MAN. I mean, I already have outfits planned, so once I get a camera remote...the whole world will change. Not to say I will post one everyday...just whenever I think I look nice. Thus the name. If you didn't get it.


Heavily inspired by Heather's awe-inspiring BurgerQuest, I have begun my own! ...sort of. Instead of her elimination-bracket technique, I'll be just sampling Boston's best as often as I can. And don't worry: there are categories. And they're great.

Then, there will of course be more roundups, things I'm obsessed with, TUNESdays, short stacks, and anything else I happen to think up! Get excited!