Run Forrest Run: A Brief Run-Down (Get it?) Of Why I Hate the Gym and Also a Playlist

[caption id="attachment_557" align="aligncenter" width="640"]me swagging out at the quidditch combine. what's quidditch, you ask? oh you'll soon find out... me swagging out at the quidditch combine. what's quidditch, you ask? oh you'll soon find out...[/caption]

Okay, so I'm kind of obsessed with this new I-can-make-spotify-playlists-and-share-them thing. It means that I get to push more music on you guys, besides just linking up to youtube pages on Tuesdays. So click that ballin' picture of me in my Pulverizer gear. (It was the only picture I could find that was a] me doing something mildly athletic and b] not derpy while jogging.)
Anyway, here's something I have to confess: I hate the gym.

But doesn't everyone? I've never met anyone who LIKES the gym. People put up with it because they can't afford an elliptical and there's that one hot personal trainer who may never actually talk to them, but hey, eye candy. So everyone gyms (it's a verb now) and happiness is scarce in those overcrowded, eerily silent exercise arenas. Personally, my main issue at the gym is paranoia combined with a fear of the treadmill. I love running (this will get its own post, I swear) but the machines that facilitate it freak me out. I mean, can't you just fall off the back? How do you press the buttons without having to stop? Plus, I can't run in a straight line. And no, the little belt clip doesn't make me feel any better. The paranoia comes from me being sure that everyone is constantly looking at me (What's this called? Spotlight syndrome? Aren't you supposed to grow out of that at like, fifteen?). Even though they're really more consumed by the sportscenter reports on the tv's or the aforementioned hot personal trainer...they might be looking at me. And like most girls, I'm convinced I look really weird when I run.

ANYWAY, end point being: I hate the gym. But, yesterday I paid fifteen dollars for a two week pass (still highway robbery, but this is what happens when you're stuck with a small town YMCA) and I'm determined to get my money's worth. How do you make the gym better? Music. I have an extensive workout playlist (126 songs and counting...) and here's just a sample.

So, run forth my friends! Gym yourselves to death! ...Or at least, finally say hi to that personal trainer.

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