Mackenzie and A Lot of Words: Something That Was Supposed to Be Just a Photo Dump But Turned Into a Rant About the New Year

It's funny. Past years, I've been all about January first. New resolutions, new goals, new idea that I should write every day, take a picture every day, something every day, since, you know, those are the things you should start January first - and, just like everyone else, by the 15th, I'm over all of it. Although I did make a post about new-leafs (and sort of my bleh feelings towards them), for some reason, I've been less than thrilled about this year. That is to say, making goals.

I'm freaking-deaking THRILLED about this year. I went to my high school to talk about studying abroad and being a post-IB grad in college, and it was a blast. Not only that, it showed me how flippin' lucky I am to have done as much as I have - before TWENTY?! In just a few hours I realized I brought up getting through the 2 year International Baccalaureate diploma (and passing!?), going to a small, out-of-state, private liberal arts college (all things that seem a bit foreign in Wisconsin), and then living in a 15th century castle in the Netherlands. I brought up getting caught in an Italian train strike, having my Reptar costume signed by Conan O'Brien, seeing Warped Tour both here and abroad, getting the chance to write for one of my favorite music blogs, winning our quidditch house cup, dancing in fluffy Dutch snow...

I don't mean to make this into some sort of "look-at-me" post, but much more like "how-crazy-blessed-am-I?" post. It's true, I made a lot of this happen, but a huge chunk was up to fate/luck/what have you. I'm crazy lucky to not only have all these experiences, but also to be able to share them with awesome people. And I know when I get back to Boston, I'm in for another semester of insanity.

So long rant-y post, but I guess that's what I needed. Along with Mackenzie playing in the snow.


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