Nemo's More Than a Clownfish: Another Long Post About Snow

Oh, little Nemo. How we underestimated you.


I swear, I blame all of my unpreparedness for this blizzard on the weather anchors who call every storm "THE WORST WE'VE EVER SEEN."


Like really. Every storm.


It's just that they got this one right.


Living in the center of Boston, we got one of the biggest smacks. This wee storm dumped two feet of snow in two days and knocked out the subway for basically 72 hours.


It was, in short, awesome.


Due to a foot injury, I couldn't enjoy the outside until Saturday when we escaped the snow-in and shut-down dorm to go find food in the one open restaurant across the Common.


We traipsed through Beacon Hill, snapping pictures and laughing at the complete absence of cars. People cross country skied through the streets. Every kid was in a sled. Seriously cool.


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