TUNESday #17: My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark - Fall Out Boy

click for the music.
This could so easily be just another tunesday, but today is special.
Yesterday, my favorite band in the world got back together after a four year hiatus. I don't care how cliche or "middle school" it is to like Fall Out Boy: they were the first music artist that I really connected to and I don't think Take This to Your Grave came out of my CD player from eighth grade on. And now they're finally back together, complete with a world tour, album release date, and new single. (That's what the music link is, if you didn't already guess.)

Now I'm not gonna try and sell anyone on how amazing or crazy or whatever this is (I've already gotten so much random flack from people that I'm sort of done trying to convince anyone how great any music is. Forever.) but I thought I'd share.

Also, I will be a nervous wreck Friday morning when I'm faced with the task of trying to buy tickets to their Boston date. Wish me luck.

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