TUNESday #20: La Turlutte du Rotoculteur - De Temps Antan

click for the music.

Still caught in the midterms doldrums. I've finally reached that point where I only have a few more projects and a test. I don't think there's a tunnel, but there's light out somewhere. I'm just so excited for Friday afternoon when I can crawl into bed. And probably sleep the whole weekend.

Anyway, this is a weird but fitting example for today. I usually can't listen to music when I'm studying for something, but it's due to the lyrics. If the lyrics are in a different language - hey, that works! I saw this group as part of a school enrichment program in high school and ended up seeing them perform a full show that night. They signed my CD and made some pretty hefty advances on my best friend. All in good fun. I hope.

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