What's Your Beef: By Word of Mouth

I've been dying to do this post for probably about a year. I didn't know it (I didn't even have a blog back then) but ever since I went to By Word of Mouth in a little town in Montana, I knew I wanted to eat there. And then write about it.
I also said AGES (ages. I know. aaaaaaages) ago that I wanted to start a burger feature around here. And I'm so stoked to FINALLY write this up. I have a few other places planned (especially since my mom's coming up next week...and we're burger freaks...) so don't worry!!! You shall get your burger fix!!!


Anyway, By Word of Mouth. This is a cool little place built into a strip mall inside a tiny town in Montana. The atmosphere's cool but too cool, lots of awesome stuff on the menu, plus the staff is friendly (and the owner's from Wisconsin...?!).

The first time I went to By Word of Mouth (or ByWoM, as it's known), I had this rockin' grilled cheese with avocado and bacon and some spicy sauce and yeah it was AWESOME. And like it is every time you have something awesome, you face the terrible choice the next time you go: do I get the same thing again...or do I try something new?

I swear, kids, I was thisclose to getting the same grilled cheese. And then I saw the burger. Holy man.


So I went with that. And...well...it was even MORE awesome. Like so so so crazy good. Crispy bun, perfectly cooked burger, and THAT SAUCE. How do they do it?! It stayed together well while I was eating it (personal pet peeve: when a burger falls apart after more than two bites? Laaaame!) I think the sauce held this one together, in all honesty...tasty glue, in essence. I was nervous for having two patties, but they were pretty thin so it ended up being two charred and medium rare patties that worked together to create a normal-sized patty. Radical, amiright? Plus, it came with a generous amount of fries and slaw that rivaled the burger! Isn't it awesome when that happens?

As you can see, I highly highly highly recommend this place...if you ever end up in Montana.


bun: 4

meatness: 4

toppings: 5

sauce: 5

uniqueness: 3

overall gnarliness: 5

**apologies for the shoddy iPhone photos - next burger adventure, I'll bring along my DSLR!

***this series was totally inspired by Heather's awesome Burger Quest which you should check out!

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