Internet Roundup: Pat Stump, Grilled Cheese, and Washi Tape

So many bloggers I know have 'Things I Love Thursday' or 'Friday Favorites' posts and I am here to say I LOVE THEM. Both the bloggers and the posts. The thing is, I can never be trusted to be consistent with these things, especially if I have to adhere to a specific day. So, if I notice a bunch of cool stuff, I just gather it in my bookmarks and then make a roundup. For this time, it's sort of the whole internet...couldn't contain myself, I guess!

This awesome half rant by lead singer of Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump. All about how people love to hate on things recently...definitely something I see a lot about in everyday life.

Bon from The Life of Bon wrote this sad-but-true bit about spelling bees. I got out of my local school's by misspelling 'cinnamon' - I will NEVER. MISSPELL IT. AGAIN.

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess did this lovely design on her bedroom wall. I am actually dying over it. Wish I could find a temporary way to do this to my apartment...

Okay, Bake at 350 did potato cookies. I'm weirded out but also intrigued.

This recipe may top my favorite grilled cheese of all time. Jalapenos or bbq sauce? Might combine these...

I'm recently obsessed with the idea of making singular pages of scrapbooks, framing them, and using them to decorate my bedroom. And my little crazy-mind decided this could only be accomplished with insane amounts of washi tape. I'm in a pickle about price though - everyone seems to sell them for weird amounts and I'm not sure where the best deal is!

Never before have I wanted a Modcloth skirt this badly. Okay, might be a lie...but I want it really, really badly.

I keep convincing myself I need more workout tanks like this one. I don't. (But do I?)

And here's a picture of an elephant meeting a seal.

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