Short Stack #5: Sometimes...Stuff Happens.

Oh, what a week plus two days it has been.

Translation: it has not been a great week.

My mother warned me going into college (and life) that it's a constant juggling match: social life, academics, extracurriculars, job, yourself, etc. The reality is you will never be able to juggle perfectly (at least, I know I won't - for the function of this metaphor and in real life). Something will fall. No, don't worry, it's totally okay - pick it up again, and keep going. Another's gonna fall later, but hey, you threw that one real high! See? Something in your life will always be going downhill, but that only means that a bunch of other stuff is going uphill. (I know this doesn't jive with the juggling metaphor, just roll with it.) Basically, it all evens out in the end.

Well, last week, I sort of dropped everything. I didn't intend to, it just happened. Some of it was social tiffs - some that I instigated and some that came out of NOWHERE. Some was school gettin' me down (the only thing worse than writing papers is getting papers back. Ick.). Some was just in general not "having it together." This is something I always struggle with. "Hey I need to do this this and this before six cause otherwise I'm a total failure." "Yo I just missed my third meeting in a row, wow I should just quit everything I"m involved in" "Geez, that one guy never called me back, I must look like the underside of a shoe." Maybe exaggerated, maybe...well, definitely exaggerated. But still. It wears on you, ya know?


I thought I was out of the woods yesterday afternoon. I really, really did. I had finished all my homework, dissipated all the social issues, and was ready to roll with a better week.

And then I dropped my laptop.

My life has a dark sense of humor.

Overall, I was lucky. Just the screen is broken, it's an old laptop anyway, I have the funds (somewhere) to get a new one. Then, through a stroke of brilliance, my mother even thought to have me hook it up to my suite's TV. So I just have a very public desktop until my new laptop gets here the end of the week. Brings me back to my middle school days...

Anyway, I hope your week is going a little bit better and hopefully I'll be able to continue posting all of my saved up drafts.

From my TV-converted-to-blogosphere to yours, happy Wednesday.

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