What's Your Beef: Veggie Galaxy


The second I hit 'publish' on my first intro piece to what's your beef, I got a bunch of comments about people enjoying the idea, but not liking meat. Fear not, friends! I also enjoy a good meat-less burger (or red-meat-less too, if that's how you roll). Example A: Veggie Galaxy.
Seeing as how most of my good friends are vegetarian or vegan, this little place makes a whole lot of sense for our group. It's cute, close, and has options for everyone. All meals are served vegetarian, but can be made vegan or gluten-free as well. There are omelets (so good), sandwiches (so so good), and even milkshakes (made with coconut milk and SO SO SO GOOD). Me though, I like a good burger. And they provide.


This puppy is the Kendall Square and comes with a red pepper puree, onion rings, arugula, and garlic mayo. You also get to choose the flavor of your patty: either a light, fresh Mushroom/chickpea, or a bold Chipotle Black Bean. Here's the thing: I don't like black beans. Like, hardly at all. So it took me a long time to work up to having any of their fabulous burgers. And then I did. And I loved it. And really, if you're afraid of a black bean burger try theirs. All of this is served up with a red cabbage slaw (which is a contender with the burger - saying something) and a fresh greens salad. And then, you know, I got a chocolate milkshake. Cause I could.*


Anyway, even for the meat-eater, Veggie Galaxy is a treat. I love diners and this is all that, but without the grease. They have a different grilled cheese special every day. The staff is friendly and on point. It's just a good place. Oh, and try the chocolate layer cake on your way out. Divine.

bun: 3

meatness (in this case...bean-i-ness?): 4

toppings: 4

sauce: 4

uniqueness: 5

overall gnarliness: 4


*Strangely enough, I have a coconut allergy but am not affected by coconut milk. Who knew? No one's allergies are the same but keep this in mind if you go!

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