I Think I Look Nice Today: Let's Work It Out


Okay, maybe I'm weird. But I like looking good when I work out. And I guess my definition of "good" is slightly different than most peoples, but I would like to show it off nonetheless. Up until last weekend, my quidditch team had been hard at work prepping for the World Cup and that meant I was playing quidditch usually 4 times a week, with two tough group workouts spliced in there. So, I have developed a very close working relationship with my workout clothes.

For girls, this starts with an awesome bra. I love Nike's compression bras since they keep everything...you know...where it's supposed to be. They also are tight-fitting but they don't cut you off or pinch the way others do. Plus they come in awesome colors! (am I the only one who rejects basic black sports bras?) Otherwise, I know that places like Aerie and Forever 21 now offer sports bras! I want to try these out at some point to see if they're worth saving the money :]


Next, I want a great short. I prefer midis, since any longer and I feel like I kneel on them if I fall down, but not any shorter since if you fall...well...all's on display. Oh and I recommend investing in a couple of basic spandex shorts to put under, in case of aforementioned falling/flashing. My dream short has pockets, but these are seemingly impossible to find on midis.

Finish off with a killer tank top. I usually get mine on the $5 merchnow sales or if you just dig around clearance rack. I make sure to get ones that are close-fitting without being too baggy or skin tight. (I have a whole separate rant on skin tight tank tops...pure evil I tell you.) I also love re-purposing old team or group t-shirts (you know the ones..."I survived the corporate weekend" or "summer camp 2008") into tanks so I don't have a whole drawer full of shirts I never use.


Then there are a few accessories. I can't even pretend that I know anything about shoes, but here mine are. They have "sock technology" - which basically means it feels like you're running in socks. They work out awesome for me!

Also, I NEEEEED music when I run, so I snagged a cheap arm band from Amazon. Only eight bucks! I've posted running playlists before, so check them out! Protip: if you don't listen to music, grab one of these bands anyway! They're great for holding an ID and keys.


Then, my trusty Wisconsin headband. I hate my bangs always bumping my forehead/eyes so I pin them down with this thing. Real easy: fold corner-to-corner, bandito-style, then roll up in one inch folds. Tie it real tight!


Ready to rock! Now that World Cup has finished up, I'm hoping to start a new workout regimen. I'm trying to focus on long-term running endurance - any tips? In the meantime, I'll just do awesome jump shots.


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