I Think I Look Nice Today: Yellow Bows on Grey Days

IMG_0971After a brief bout of sunshine, winter is upon us again. Or, at least, it feels that way. I'm still wearing tights, guys. Not cool.

IMG_0972Granted, if I'm gonna wear tights...I'll wear these. Gap sales are the best things that ever happen to me. And their tights are a close second. Warm but stretchy - best kind. Also, can you tell how addicted I am to these shoes? One of my summer goals is to go beyond having ONE pair of knockaround flats. I need to get creative with footwear!

IMG_0974I found this bow behind my bed with a bunch of other random packing stuff. My hair hasn't been long enough for bows for a while...not super mad about it, honestly. I actually hate having hair this length, EXCEPT for the fact that I can accessorize with bows. And this one's probably my all-time favorite.

bow // made by friend
cardigan // gap
dress // modcloth
tights // gap
shoes // blowfish (similar)
bag // urban (similar)

IMG_0976Here's to better weather!

[[all photos by annie.]]

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