Internet Roundup: Something to Brighten Your Week

Before anything else, my best wishes and prayers to those affected by the West, Texas explosions. It's been such a rough week for everyone and I can't imagine a family affected by this on top of everything else. I don't know what's going on in our world right now and I'm not entirely sure how to cope. Hopefully I'll be able to put together my thoughts/experiences on paper in the coming days and post them for those who may be suffering. For now, I thought it would be best to proceed with posts I've had scheduled/written in hopes of having some sort of normalcy and expression in my life. I'm doing my best not to sound frivolous, but instead have an escape for anyone who feels overwhelmed by news and media. I know that's how I feel. Again, prayers and hope to those suffering.

Here are a few things I've found these past few weeks:


This ballin' Wisconsin hoodie that make my wishlist.

I'm not a big yoga person but this infographic is great for simple, relaxing poses.

21 Jump Street is so awesome and here is their gag reel.

petewentzfallPete Wentz has been posting funny memes about himself lately on his instagram. I love how much he makes fun of himself.

I want a sports bra that says weird stuff - how about this one?

Deanna wrote this awesome post about why you should get Spotify. I'm strictly an iTunes (and physical CDs, when I can!) gal, but this is super convincing!

bulldogTherapy dogs visited near us this week and we were lucky enough to go hang out with them for an hour. It did WONDERS for me (I'm such a pet person). I imagine here's how bulldogs would comfort someone. (via)

Have you ever heard of the term "Funemployment?" I hadn't until I read this super honest/poignant article.

Kaelah wrote this super inspiring post about goals and how to make your own 18 before 19 lists and whatnot. I'm so on the fence about doing one of these for my birthday...should probably start now.

eeyoreYou said it Eeyore. (via)

One of my favorite places in Paris was Shakespeare & Company. I found a photo gallery of the place here.

Calvin and Hobbes had the best advice: Sixteen Things They Said Better than Anyone Else

last but definitely not least: check out this video, done by the spring semester abroad kids. The castle look familiar?

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