TUNESday #28: Love, Lust, Or Losing It? - Farewell Fighter

click for the music.

Do any of you have that band that came out with that one EP like AGES ago and you've been lying in wait for a few years stalking their twitter (both band and personal - you're a stalker) and then out of the blue they make an announcement that they finally signed with a real label and a full length is out this summer and all you can do is yell HOLY TITS and jump up and down for a while?

Hah, yeah me too.

Anyway, Farewell Fighter is that band.

I think I got into them around 2011, whenever their first EP came out and I'm almost certain I bought it when I was leaving Warped Tour some year. 90% sure a member of the band sold it to me. (have you read my bit about how much I love startups?) They write good stuff, they sing good stuff, and they better be doing a tour this summer because they are on my top 5 Band I Need to Desperately See list.

Can you tell I'm jazzed? Anyway, give my favorite song a listen.

Also here's their new stuff.

Also also here's them covering Fall Out Boy.

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