TUNESday #29: A Feverish Playlist

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Oh god. It's gonna be one of those Tunesday posts...with...

the feelings.

I'll try to keep it as short and sweet as I can...but this may turn into a "real" post.

So last Friday I went to see the Spring Fever Tour with You Me at Six, Mayday Parade, Pierce the Veil, and All Time Low. I've seen all of these bands on separate occasions (and all at least once on Warped) but together!??! Hellooooo best thing ever!

Here's a bit of background:

Mayday Parade is the band I know the least. I like their single "Kids in Love" and have listened through their albums a few times but don't own them.

Pierce the Veil is a band I've heard a lot about, so I bought their most recent album and am addicted to "Bulletproof Love" (what is it with me and these catchy singles).

All Time Low I've seen three times previously. Seeing them last summer is the reason my front two teeth are fake (I need to write that story out for the blog...) I positively LOVE their stage presence, energy, and, of course, songs.

You Me at Six: okay. So a few Warped's ago, I had heard of them, I knew they were okay, and I figured I could swing by their set. I remember standing way in the back and feeling "meh." (Personally I DON'T THINK I WAS LISTENING) Then, as these things happen, about a month after that I ended up buying all their albums and getting hopelessly addicted to the band. And I had ""seen them"" but I hadn't SEEN THEM. So that's what this night was really about.

And they went on first. So there I am, in the middle of a massive GA pit, watching the lights come up onstage while clenching my friend Matt's arm and screaming, like full-boar screaming, like the sort of screaming you scream when you're at the top of a rollercoaster and you haven't even dropped yet but the anticipation is killing you and aaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Yeah, I was excited.

They played all the right songs and had the crowd off their feet the entire time. I was shouting the lyrics to everything, bouncing around (and off) people, and generally having one of those out-of-body-your-life-will-never-be-this-great-again sort of moments. Which is, you know, what I live for.

Every band played their hearts out that night, gave amazing speeches (especially Alex from All Time Low's precursor to their song "Therapy" - he discussed the bombings of April 15th and gave one of the most positive and optimistic talks I've heard from anyone in the wake of the tragedy), and made this lineup one of my all-time favorites.

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