What's Your Beef: B Good


Hey I'm FINALLY back. Believe me, I would do this feature every day if I could. But I'm not that lucky. Anyway, I've got another fantastic place on the menu for you today - B Good.

I'm down with B Good since it's another one of those places that puts an emphasis on making food delicious - but also sustainable. They make sure to use local ingredients and to have everything served FRESH. Heck, the stuff decorating their walls is where their beef comes from! How cool is that?!

Now, here's how you customize: first off, you get to choose from a beef, turkey, chicken, or veggie burger. (Again, you veg-heads should get in on this action!) I'm a grilled chicken girl all the way, so I started with that. Then, you get a bunch of different options for the type of burger. I prefer build-your-own, but these archetypes are so good YOU DON'T EVEN NOTICE. There's the Adopted Luke with mushrooms, caramelized onions, gouda, homemade bbq (dying). OR the El Guapo, with lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, and JALAPENO RANCH (can you tell my feelings?). AND THEN. THE ONE. THE ONLY. Seasonal Special Joanie. Oh Joanie. So simple: only avocado and sriracha slaw. But so so so so good.

Guys, I need to get better at the "reviewing" thing. I just sort of like food.

photo (2)

Anyway, you can sorta guess which one I got. And holy mama it lived up. The sriracha slaw was just the right amount of spice and crunch and got mellowed out by the avocado. (Plus, they slice their avocado instead of just whopping it on there. Extra points.) The chicken was tender and a little bit crisp. (Though, to be critical, I would loooove it if they'd chop up the chicken. Sometimes I feel like a bear going at that hunk of meat.) All in all, yummyyyyyyyy. Oh and I should mention that they have AMAZING strawberry lemonade that has free refills. Which you will use. And abuse.

image (1)
bun: 3

meatness: 3

toppings: 5

sauce (sriracha?): 4

uniqueness: 4

overall gnarliness: 4

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