Saying Goodbye to the Dorms: Moving Out and Moving On

This saturday, I moved out of the dorms for good.
I got to spend two incredible years there (well, one and a half, minus the semester I spent in castle-dorm hybrid).

The college I go to is generous enough to offer us guaranteed housing for two years (this can be taken as sarcastic or genuine - I'm not really sure which one I fit into) and I chose to spend both in the same dorm building with two different sets of roommates.

It was, in short, awesome.

A lot of people complain about the dorms and I don't blame them. The whole place smells, the bathrooms usually aren't clean, everyone is sandwiched next to each other, there is never an appropriate view or window placement, the food isn't good, the security is lackluster, the mailroom is always backed up, the elevators are never all working, and on top of that, your roommate snores.

I get it.

But I also get that dorms are the one chance for you to live near all of your best friends. Everyone's on the same schedule, whether it be syllabus week or finals. You get to chill out and play loud music and understand that this is the only period in your life where you will be able to call sixteen of your closest friends and they're all within a few floors of you. It's the only time when you get to shamelessly order chicken fingers for the eighth time that week since "Oh, I mean, it's all the caf has!" It's the only time where you can pretend that adulthood is still a few steps away and for now, you can climb into your bunk bed and say goodnight to reality.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of life in the dorms:






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