eating: crockpot bbq chicken by the pound, coffee oreo ice cream by the pint, and baked cheetos by the fistful. Oh, college.
reading: still plugging through When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man. I'm loving it, I just never seem to have time to sit down with a book. Or, I'm just lazy.

listening to: The Story So Far, Fall Out Boy, Bayside, Man Overboard, Pat Brown

watching: way more Say Yes to the Dress than one would ever think possible. Still catching up on Breaking Bad. Archer reruns forever.

writing: a lot more poetry that I expected. I don't think I've sat down and written anything besides slam stuff for in ages. I'm not mad about it.

wearing: this skirt (best purchase I've made all summer), way too many crewnecks, nothing but midi shorts. Currently in the process of breaking in both my Rainbow flip flops AND new running shoes. My feet are crying.

thinking about: how I'm going to handle going home, warped tour, and starting a new job all IN A WEEK. How attempting to learn photoshop isn't much fun at all. How seeing Monsters University at the last possible showing on a Wednesday night was the best decision ever.


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