I Think I Look Nice Today: The Skirt I Have to Keep In Line on theSubway

Guys. Give me a few minutes to freak out about this skirt. Like...LOOK AT IT. Hi-lo. Deep purple. It flows when I walk and doesn't hitch up when I bend over - perfection, yes?!

The only bad thing? It's a bit of a handful on the subway. It's an hour commute for me every Monday/Wednesday and making this thing tromp through four different stations is a hassle. So I hold it. And look strange. It's fine.


This. Necklace. What is it with me and arrows lately? That and minimalist pieces. Apart from my new neon pink shorts. Everything in time...

IMG_1250shirt // delia's (similar)
necklace // american eagle (similar)
belt // forever 21 (similar)
skirt // american eagle


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