When Did It Become Monday: That Time I Had Plans

I had grand plans for this past week of blogging.

I was going to write a birthday post, reflecting on my past accomplishments and how far I've come since this little old post.

I was going to write a party-planning post, explaining how I managed to cram twenty five people into my apartment and they all seemed to have an okay time.

I was going to write a father's day post, rambling on about my dad's Doc-isms.

And, then, well...

Life happened.

And, you know, that's okay. I've learned that while I love blogging and writing, they need to come second to actually living. I managed to go without a computer for two whole days. When I say "go without" I mean I didn't realize I hadn't used it until I checked my email on Sunday - only to find that I had a few angsty people that needed replies.

Now that I've been back to the grind for a whole twenty four hours, I'm already tired again. But hey, it only means I'm living that much more.

Maybe expect those posts in the coming days. Maybe don't. Depends how I'm living.

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