What's Your Beef: Great Dane

Guys, I've found my weakness as a food blogger.

I can't wait the two minutes to take pictures of my food cause I just want to eat it.

Thus, the following photos of what might be my favorite burger of all time. And this time, I'm not exaggerating. Every time I go to our lake house in central Wisconsin, I get a hardcore hankering. What is this magical recipe you ask? From their website:

A local favorite!  A third-pound burger topped with sharp cheddar, BBQ sauce, Applewood bacon, haystack onions, chipotle cream cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles on a jalapeno roll.

I'm drooling.

photo (2)
There's a burger in there somewhere. Deep, deep down.

I could talk for a while about the random things that go into this burger: chipotle cream cheese? Jalapeno bun? An atrocious amount of fried onions?

You'd think the thing would be too spicy, too scattered, and just too BUSY to really be delicious.

I hate to call you out, but your thinking is dead wrong.

photo (4)
Somehow, all of these mesquite flavors work in the best way. Not so much heat, but a lot of flavor kicking in at the end. The only issue: it's really difficult to get my hands around. Protip: get a side salad with the creamy cilantro dressing. No, really, just do it.

Check out the scores:
bun: 5

meatness: 4

toppings: 5

sauce: 5

uniqueness: 4

overall gnarliness: 5

photo (3)

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