Five Things I'm Addicted to This Week

Teen Wolf

This has to come first. I blame my roommate: she got me SO INTO this show that I caught up on 32 episodes in a week. (Did I mention I have two jobs and an internship I should be doing?). It's contagious I tell you. Now I'm to the point where I'm so obsessed that I find myself jumping at the chance to talk about any plots points/characters/symbolism to ANYONE. Sort of a problem, I guess.

Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream

We have an awesome ice cream place just around the corner from our apartment and made the terrible realization that it's cheaper to just buy a pint than to continue buying one scoop cones. After a long time love affair with coffee oreo, I swapped over to peanut butter and haven't looked back.

Learning to Drink Coffee

Guys...I need to kiss frappucinnos goodbye. Mostly it's money, but also...actually...nope, it's all money. On the bright side, I now know how to make coffee (beyond just keurig cups!) and, if I douse it in enough milk, I can actually drink it! It's usually about 6 ounces of coffee with 12 ounces of chocolate milk with three splashes of cream...but it still counts!

Redbubble Stickers

I finally have started personalizing my laptop and reusing all of my old stickers from this awesome design site. You can make and upload your own creations and let others buy them - and you get a cut of the profit! Most of it is "fandom" related, for things like movies and tv shows. All my notebooks and covers are currently plastered with them...and new ones get here today!

Orientation Letters

These, my friends, were a labor of love. I just have a hard time concentrating on anything for more than ten minutes and letters are no exception. I start writing and then I just get overwhelmed by wanting to MEET the people I'm writing to that I get distracted. Hopefully they'll all friend me soon enough and I can be done with it.

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