Let's Be Friends: Or, How Z Is Trying Swaps and Might Die of Anxious Anticipation

Friends! It's here! Sometimes Z Takes Pictures is now offering ads. You can find them all through my lovely SPONSOR PAGE
Some of you are right on my elbow: how many followers? how many pageviews? 
And, let me say: they are...small numbers. BUT I have lovely people that often comment and start conversations and are great humans. So in that sense, I have the best of the best for readership.
Also: I made this page mostly for swap purposes. I'm planning on extending the number of swaps in the coming days (since I've already reached out to some of you, and would love to hear from some more!) so we can alllll be friendssssss. But I have a few priced options as well, since I know there are a few people that don't have swap abilities but still have small budgets that they can use on blogs. 
So what I'm saying is: try the sponsor page. If you are interested in swaps, I'm interested in you. Glorious. Delightful. Let's be friends. 

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