Let's Make Goals: Link-y Doodad and Thinking On My Part

Didn't I just post about this!? Yes, dear readers, yes I did.
(Sidebar: Depending on my mood, I either picture my blog interacting with readers in one of two ways: some kind worldly soul who is curling up with some tattered book, sipping coffee, and laughing with the characters much like you would an old friend...OR the other way which is me on a panel - much like ComicCon - and people wandering in and out of the room to listen to me blather and occasionally shouting things at me. Or maybe I just really want to be Daniel Sharman. It's fine, don't worry about it.)

I know that I ~just~ made a post about goals, but it so happens that I read Charlotte's blog as if it's my job (I wish reading blogs could be my job...any listings?) and she is involved with this lovely link-y doo dad that was all started by Jenny Highsmith (cue oooh's and ahhh's from said ComicCon crowd). And DRUMROLL...it's about goals.
But wait, see, listen! This one's also about accomplishing said goals. Which, you know, is something I should probably also be focused on. Oops.
So I sat down to brainstorm which exact goals I would like to focus on for this exercise. My best ideas: "keep your life together," "don't have a mental breakdown by Sept 15th?" "finally hang all those freaking photos in your room."
As you can see, I have a complicated situation on my hands. 
And really, this is usually what my life is like. I don't have the time to focus on "any one thing" (exercise, reading books, spending more time with family) that I feel as though others make their priority. My bottom line is usually just finishing the brit lit paper an hour before class starts. 
Ooooookay so my thoughts: maybe not the best. So I checked out what all the link-y people had to say. 
And, guys, they had, like, REAL PEOPLE THINGS. Like writing books and exercising and all other sorts of things that I don't really have the time for.
It was at this point I sat down in the middle of my kitchen and stress-ate half a pound of carrots.
(Isn't it great to know a blogger's creative process?)
Okay, I thought to myself: you are involved in three things on campus this semester. Why don't you break down those three things into three goals, so you have the three things you're most committed to as something tangible you can improve upon?
Sometimes, I have halfway decent ideas. 

intern for blogger: continue to foster a creative process while also organizing and filing as necessary

captain for team: build a positive, encouraging team atmosphere and coordinate practices, games, and hang-outs.

try out for slam team: write at least five poems, practice, and perform with conviction.

Wow, can you tell I write resumes? Anyway, these are the main things I'm focused on this semester (plus retail plus a possible managing editor job...I need to double check on that) and these are the places I want to succeed. 
Right, the link-y thing. So I'm jumping in on the the second week and we'll SEE HOW THIS GOES.
Seeing as how I just made these goals, I can't give much of an update or tell you how things are going. Plus, this is slightly awkward timing since most of these won't kick into high gear until Week 4 or 5, just because, you know, school and it starting and so forth. But hey! I'm gonna try!
So here's the link ba-whatzit, follow along with us!
And if you managed to read this whole blog post: God bless you.
Jenny Highsmith

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