Look to the Stars: A Few Goals For the Semester

stop double booking myself.
I do this all the time. I love saying yes to hanging out with people, going to meetings, or general activities...and then I accidentally say I'll be in three different places on Saturday morning. The words "I'd love to, but let me get back to you" need to become a repeated phrase. 

take all my makeup off each night. 
I say this specifically, but what this really means is "developing a bedtime routine." AKA not doing the classic college "be up all night until you literally can't keep your eyes open and then fall face-first into bed." Also, newsflash: apparently you can go to bed when you're not exhausted? Like, you can lie down when you're just run-of-the-mill tired? Who would have guessed. 

prioritize people that matter, phase out those who don't. 

This sounds harsh, but I felt as though I've spent a good chunk of my college career (and life) keeping people around me that don't contribute positively to my life. It's one thing if the person is someone I need to work with or see a future with, but for now...I can't handle having much negativity in my social circles. 

please, for the love of all things holy, only dedicate myself to one show at a time. 

Maybe a ridiculous claim, but NOT REALLY. I need to limit my tv watching time and make sure I only get attached to a few shows at a time. I failed miserably at catching up with Breaking Bad and I need to FIX THAT. 

come up with a few pieces of high-quality writing. 

I recently read a good friend of mine's book. Yes, he wrote a book. A memoir, actually. And it was fantastic. But the best part was that it was fantastic in that I-really-feel-motivated-to-do-this way, so now...okay, I'm not saying I want to write a BOOK, but I do want to come home in December with a collection of writing that I'm proud of.

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