Things You Learn in the Back of a Fitting Room: My Retail Secrets

I've been at my retail job for almost six months now. Not gonna's definitely changed how I do things. And by "things" I mean "shopping." Beyond, you know, being a whole lot nicer to sales associates than I used to. Anyway, here's a lineup of some things to keep in mind on your next trip to the mall:

order online.
Going to the store is pain in and of itself. Going only to find out they don't have your size in THAT ONE THING YOU WANT? The worst. Always bring up the item and ask if they can order it online for you. Most places ship to store and you can pick it up, but some even have the option of shipping to your house...for FREE!

shop the boys section.
I do this at my retail job all the time. Sometimes, the dude stuff is just...cuter. And in the case of some crewnecks and button ups...genuinely fits better! This is also how I keep myself from getting discouraged when I try on some girl's styles. Remember: make the clothes work for you, not the other way 'round! 

something is always on sale.
For all discount shopping, keep this in mind. Promotions are usually quick and meant to make people get in the door, but sometimes they can be...actually great deals! Buy in "bulk" when the sale comes around and you can end up saving a lot in the long run.

go through the ENTIRE clearance rounder.
Ours is never properly sized. Go through the whole thing and you may find some gems hiding where you'd least expect it.

never be afraid to ask!
This goes for almost every question. It's the sales associate's job to help you. If they're a pill, don't give them your business. If they go above and beyond, make sure to mention it to the head honchos in charge. Finding genuine and considerate minimum wage workers is a difficult task - doesn't hurt to let the manager know they made the right choice.

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