When There Isn't a Search Button for the Blog-o-sphere: How I Find Blogs

I'm a bit of a new-blog-finder-addicted-person. If that makes any sense. I get a huge kick out of discovering new people and their little corners on the web-verse. Yet, every once and a while I throw my hands up and say, "There aren't any more blogs! None! I've seen them all!" (...aaaaaand then I find more.) If you're ever stuck in that rut, here are a few great ways to stumble upon new blogs.

This is honestly the number one way that I find blogs. Every time one of my favorite bloggers posts something - especially within a topic I like - I scroll through the most recent comments and click through to a few different profiles. I especially love the "commentluv" comment sections where, whenever you leave a comment, it also links back to your most recent post. 

passionfruit website.
Yeah, this is a weird one. I didn't realize that Passionfruit (as in, the ad hosting site) had a "marketplace" that you can scroll through bloggers. It's meant for people to find good places to sponsor, but I use it mostly to just find good blogs! 

other blogger's blogrolls.
You knew there was a reason I just made my own! Yes, I want to show off how addicted I am to the blog-o-sphere, but also give people a chance to discover new people to follow. Often bloggers follow people who have a similar voice, group of interests, or general demeanor to them, so seeing what they read is the easier way to find more of the stuff you like!

style sites.
This is kind of a catch-all for sites like lookbook, chictopia, etc. Even some online stores have a "personal style" section (cough, modcloth, cough) where you can find people through their outfits. While I'm by no means a style blogger, I will admit that probably the biggest niche in the blog world right now is personal style. Plus, a lot of "general lifestyle" bloggers will also post style pictures, so you can link to other types of blogs as well!style sites.

guest posts.
I feel like this is another "no-brainer" but I love well-written, funny posts that give me a real sense of who the blogger is and what they care about. Interviews for this count too! (And usually I opt for an interview...I'm sooooo bad at thinking of good "relatable" posts on the spot...)

Every time I find a new person to follow, I usually scroll through their sponsors or swaps. What can I say - I LOVE FINDING NEW BLOGS! (If this entire post hasn't already pointed you in that direction...) I personally host a few ads here and there on sites and also find that sponsoring a specific blog is a great way to get to know the host blogger. 

//What are your favorite ways to find new blogs?//

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