Blog Roundup: Boogie Boarding, Tights, and Cronuts

Up until the past few weeks, I've never been much of "my favorite posts for this week!" sort of person. I just assume that all of you lovelies have your own favorite blogs and read them, and who am I to infringe on that sort of relationship? But, every once and a while, there are weeks where there seems to be a great chunk of posts I want to share. So here's another mashup of some posts:

AMANDA shared the top five posts she usually skips. So interesting to see people's preferences!

One of my all-time favorite bloggers, BON, shared hysterical photos of her and her niece's trip to the fair.

Even though my school has a free gym, I'm always looking for at-home workouts - and NICOLE had me covered. 

I'm in love with MONICA's adorable Hawaii life. She took her kids boogie boarding and the pictures are awesome!

OUR BEST BITES has this incredible tomato/basil/garlic simmer I'm so hungry.

I love "fashion" bloggers that also have something to say, and ELIZABETH is one of the best examples. She reflects on all sorts of things on this recent post.

I love tights. LAUREN also loves tights. And she wrote a whole post about it. Guess what? I love it.

TAZA is all about cronuts - and such cute kids!

I've wanted a giant bookcase my whole life and I'm just going to have to live through EMMA. Her living room tour just got posted!

JEN posted this awesome "mini story" about her kid's birthday party...precious. 

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