I just finished both Cold Days (Jim Butcher) and When Captain Flint Was Still A Good Man (Nick Dybek). I was taught writing by the latter and have been reading Butcher's books since I was in middle school. Neither book was particularly uplifting, but they both had me reading like a maniac. I've been getting real good at utilizing my commute for getting some fun reads in! Now I'm chugging through Moneyball, which is much more difficult than I anticipated...even for someone who loves baseball!

All the new Food Network challenge shows. Has anyone watched Cutthroat Kitchen!? It's Alton Brown's new hosting gig and it's HILARIOUS. Plus there's a new season of The Next Great Food Truck Race...I just really like food-themed shows, okay? 

Cute Is What We Aim For, Against Me!, and The Wonder Years. Throwback plus new stuff!

Way too much poetry. One of my big goals this semester is to make it on the slam poetry team for my college, and - SURPRISE! - to do that you apparently need to /write poems/. Seeing as how I haven't regularly written poetry in several years, it's a process. Plus, getting up in front of large groups of people and then reading the poems is just as difficult. 

thinking about
GETTING BETTER. Sinus infections stink but they stink way more when it's the first week of school and you can't do anything. Antibiotics really are the greatest though, amiright?

trying to
RUN MY LIFE. This has been such a rocky first few weeks of school and I'm hoping it gets better from here. Being a grown-up is hard, amiright?

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