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Don't worry friends - I'm still alive! Here in the meantime is Caroline popping in to tell you about her time in China. She's one of my favorite blogs and is a fellow college girl. Check out all the awesome things she has to say!

what traveling experience are you going to tell us about?
I thought I'd talk about my adventures in China collectively! Ever since middle school, I've made the trip over to the land of the Great Wall and dumplings and eating of cats and dogs (kidding, kidding, it's almost against the law here now!) once a year to see family. I used to tag along when various relatives would go on business trips around the country, and so I've seen (and loved) quite a few cities around China. {And yes, I'm in China right now!}

most interesting person you met there?
Well... I don't get out very much. My mom thinks that I'm about five years old and cannot be trusted to cross the road by myself, so I don't tend to meet very many people. I will say, though, it's been such an experience watching my eldest cousin's baby grow up. She's six years old now, and absolutely precious, and it's really just so interesting getting to see how a child grows up in such a different environment, society, and culture that I did. I always do a double take when I ask her something normal like, what's your favorite food? And she'll say something absolutely bizarre to me, like duck tongue or stinky tofu - but it's so normal for a child growing up here!

best thing you ate?
It's gotta be hotpot, mango ice, and these fried soup dumplings you can get in Shanghai {all common topics on my blog as of late}. I'm also a huge fan of dimsum when I'm in the Canton or Hong Kong regions. The seafood over there is ridiculously good, as well. Hmm, and the Peking duck in Beijing is to die for. This is going to sound super weird, but the very best part is actually the duck butt. It's basically just crispy skin that melts in your mouth. SO good!

best risk that payed off? 
Really, it's taken me an embarrassingly long time to do this, but just to immerse myself in the culture. In the past, I'd stick to McDonald's and judge random people walking on the street just because they weren't what I was used to. I was judging everything by a Western standard. Once I learned to let that go, and to just accept the culture for what it is, I learned to appreciate this country much more.

biggest moment of culture shock?
Every time I step outside and see the massive crowds. Seriously, there are so many people EVERYWHERE. 

most out-of-body, this-is-incredible, my-whole-life-is-awesome moment?
Whenever I visit the Forbidden City (I haven't had the chance to in the past few years, but it's my very favorite place in China), I always get the chills, thinking that people have been living here for thousands of years. The power of history is stunning - it's crazy to think of how many stories the place holds!

Isn't she great? Just look at that smiling face! Be sure to check out her lovely BLOG

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