Friends of Henry: Summer from Oh Summer Candy

Hey guys, I've got a treat for you! Here's Summer who blogs over at Oh Summer Candy - she's all about music playlists, cute weekly roundups, and adventures in general life. Here goes!

what traveling experience are you going to tell us about?
For the past two summers I had the opportunity of living and working in Jasper, Alberta, Canada a small tourist town in the Rocky Mountains. 

most interesting person you met there?
My boyfriend! I knew my boyfriend Paul for six weeks before we decided to do long distance. He stayed the winter while I went back to school, we reunited this summer and now were living together in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where I go to school. How awesome is it that I found love in the mountains!?

best thing you ate?
Well since I'm already Canadian a lot of the food I ate I was used to, but Alberta is well known for beef, bison and elk. I absolutely love Bison Burgers, there actually healthier for you than chicken!

best risk that payed off?
There was a major flooding in Alberta that Paul and I got stuck in. We were stranded in Lake Louise because all the highways were blocked off. Fortunately for us, it was sunny the entire time and no major flooding near us, but all we had with us were the clothes on our backs for four days (smelly I know). We decided to take a walk around the lake which ended up taking a hike up a mountain... in my dress and a pair of flats. The mountain had snow on it, I almost fell down the side of the mountain. To make matters worse, we didn't bring water, sunscreen or my puffer (I'm allergic to the sun and have asthma). We had 600 m left to hike and I collapsed on a rock from the heat. We always joke how 'at least I was the best dressed girl at the top' but it was a beautiful hike and the risk paid off!

biggest moment of culture shock?
Not much culture shock since I am Canadian but I'm used to living in Southern Ontario surrounded by major cities, I lived in a town of 5000 where the closest city was Edmonton, a 4 hour drive away. Not used to being so isolated! 

most out-of-body, this-is-incredible, my-whole-life-is-awesome moment?
When I was driving up to Jasper for the first time the drive from Calgary to Jasper is absolutely breathtaking, looking at the Rocky Mountains realizing this is where I'm going to live for the next four months was insane. It's honestly the most beautiful place in the entire world!.

Thanks Summer! Go ahead and check out HER BLOG.

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