Let's Make Habits: Week Three But Really Two, I Don't Know

Jenny Highsmith
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack with the goals.
Slash habits. They're sort of habits, but also goals.
Okay guys, I'm sick. Like sick-as-a-dog, constantly-wearing-a-beanie, have-gone-through-two-boxes-of-tissues sick. And school starts in three days.
So forgive me if I'm a bit scatter-brained. 

interning for blogger: failed MISERABLY. I have not been able to log in or even form complete sentences to get back to people. I'm afraid to be responsible when I'm this delirious.
captain for team: pretty okay. A bunch of our huge events are all this week and our draft is SEVEN DAYS FROM TODAY. Nuts. But the nice thing is that we managed to get a whole roster and sort of have a plan for what to say at the next few meetings when we're recruiting. Awesome.
poetry writing: okay I did actually good for this one! I had a stroke of brilliance (read: fever-induced haze) and managed to pound out four or five poems. None of them are even a little bit close to being read-ready, but at least the bare bones are there and I can build up. Hopefully. Maybe.

So a semi-successful week, yes?! Hey, I survived Orientation Year Two, I can do ANYTHING.