Room Tour: My Desk

My room has been a work in progress for a LONG time. I  moved in the first week of May and it's still not where I want it to be: I still have photos to hang, curtains to put up, and I've been researching how to put a giant quote on my wall for what seems like ever. But, my work space was always my first priority. 
Like I said...THOSE CURTAINS WILL CHANGE. But anyway. I wanted an open and clean desk space, since most of my schoolwork gets done there. The open cubbies work so much better than drawers since I have to keep them neat. And I've had that hutch since freshman year and it's amazing. 
I also like having all my book displayed - as you can see, my "fun reading" greatly exceeds my school reading. For a while I was annoyed that I had to just stack them, but I kind of like the look now. I love how almost all of my all-time favorites are right in one place.
Somehow, Will Grayson Will Grayson snuck into my CD pile, but I'm not mad. I still love having CD's around since my alarm clock has a deck for it. Something about listening to a CD straight through is so different from listening on shuffle on an iPod or on a playlist or something. 
Okay, okay - no matter how much I try to distance myself, I will always be that kid that has posters all over their room. This is just a small collection of what I have, mostly signed or special in some sense. I especially love that I Call Fives poster - I met them after an early set at Warped Tour and then had to hold on to the poster all day. Still shocked it survived. 
I try to split pretty even the amount of nostalgic things on my desk with open space. I try to keep all my little hutch nooks as clean as possible but things build up.
 These little guys are my two tokens from Europe: I got the blue coin purse in Italy (you NEED a coin purse in Europe, trust me) and the starfish is from my weekend in Dublin.
 I love this post it - I had to do an interview with Jes back when I was desperate to be her intern, and I needed something to look at whenever I got nervous. I kept it up just to remind myself - this is life! this is fun!
And here's the big long quote I want above my bed, written out almost a year ago. Plus, there's the sound clip of what I want my tattoo to be. Just a few things to look at whenever I'm feeling down.
Well, there's my desk! Hope you guys got a little bit of inspiration!
Do you have any particulars you need to keep around your desk? How do you like your work space?