Sometimes Sickness Doesn't Suck: Favorite Blog Reads From This Week

Guys, I'm real sick.
Like, I know a week ago or something I said I was kind of sick but now I've dropped into the range of sinus-infection-with-a-fever-with-swollen-glands-and-maybe-strep-too-no-one's-sure!!! It's gross. 
This morning I commuted all the way to campus, only to realize that a) my books weren't ready and b) I could barely stand in the line to be told that my books weren't ready. Keep in mind this is barely the second week of school. So what kind of student emails-out sick on the THIRD CLASS. 
This girl.
And I went home, ate half a sleeve of crackers, and now am feeling sort-of kind-of okay. 
But here's my thing: I'm really bad at being sick. I take a quick nap and the second I wake up I'm like, "what, I have to KEEP doing this? I have to stay lying down and drinking liquids? Why?" 
So I forced myself to stay in bed and to catch up on reading! (not for school - no books, remember?) Yeah, that's right - after a weekend away, I had, oh, about two hundred blog posts to read. Here are my favorites from the week!

BROOKELYNN shared some of her favorite tattoos. I've been meaning to have a post like this for ages!

If you want a heavy dose of cuteness, DREA'S blog is one to check out. She and her adorable daughter dressed up as cats for the afternoon. 

KRISTIN from My Life as a Teacup has been sucking me in with her 'Like a Lit Major' series. I'm a third year English major and she's still wowing me with her tips!

I've been in love with AMANDA'S blog, Living in Another Language, for a while now. When she made this post about what home means to her, it made my heart melt. 

MONICA runs The Grommom and I read about her kids' shenanigans all the time. She actually hosted this amazing guest post about Thai Chicken! My stomach is grumbling...

We all need cute puppy pictures. KAYLAH from The Dainty Squid is more than willing to provide. A great dane playing with a puppy!!! How perfect?

CHELSEA is probably my number one dream travel partner. She takes a second on her blog Lost in Travels to talk about how she and her husband budget every time they go on a trip. 

I started following ELIZABETH from Delightfully Tacky for her outfit posts, but now she has a corgi...meaning I'm /even more stoked./ Little Dusty makes an appearance here!

ELYCIA takes gorgeous photos every week and I love these little glimpses into her life. 

Ah, yes, finally caught up on blogs...what are some of your favorite reads?

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